Holiday Sweets 101: Vanilla Sugared Cranberries Part Deux

Oh y’all…these cranberries!! I took them out of the refrigerator this morning SO EXCITED to dry & sugar coat them…but my dang drying rack grates were too wide!!  Like really???

So off to the shopping center I went…oh darn! Haaaa!!  Although I didn’t want to travel too far because I wanted to get back to these little sweeties so I was forced to go to my least favorite store on earth…the sacrifices I make y’all in the name of sugar laden sweet treats! Turns out said store only carried the same type of drying rack I already own so I improvised and purchased a “Bake it Better” Pizza Screen.  Yeah I know beats me too.  Anyways it worked perfectly!


Oh and y’all DO NOT discard that GORGEOUS vanilla simple syrup. It can be used in other recipes, beverages, and drizzled over desserts.  The syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month.


After about an hour or so I rolled the OH SO GLOSSY berries in sugar. Be sure to do small batches! Once the berries were all sugar coated I let them dry again for a good couple hours.


The result is incredibly beautiful- little berries that literally sparkle.  The outsides are crisp and then they burst in your mouth with a crunchy little sugary exterior that balances out the tart berries.

There are so many fun & festive ways to use these sparkly gems.  They would look amazing in a cocktail, on top of a cake or pie, in a beautiful holiday dish as a table centerpiece.  Oh the joy they will bring your table!!

Can you just picture a beautiful holiday gift basket including these sweet glittery treats?  I sure can!


Oh and store the berries in an airtight container for up to 48 hours!

GRATEFUL & GRACEFUL DAY ELEVEN!!  I am grateful for big box retailers on every corner!



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