Grateful & Graceful Day Twelve

I am grateful for Faith and Fellowship.

My cup runneth over today.  Everyday matters to me but Sunday’s are special. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Basically they’re five ways that most people express and interpret love in their relationships. But really they apply not only to your marriage, but all of the relationships in your life. It’s a great concept that is so simple and can have a powerful effect on how you appreciate, love, and serve people. My love language is “quality time.” So time spent in fellowship, community, and worship truly does fill my cup.  Which by the way…is kind of weird to me. I’ve always been “shy”…purposely avoiding “crowds.” I’m still the same person but I’ve learned…and I’m still learning…to turn my FEAR into FAITH and my PASSION into PURPOSE!

By the way…the theme for today’s sermon was PATIENCE.  Wow! What a GREAT lesson!  I can’t tell you how many times today I prayed, “Lord, help me develop patience.”

“The point of patience is perseverance.” – Pastor Aaron Fillmore Chapel Next @ Fort Campbell


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