Grateful & Graceful Day Ten

Ooooooh what fun it is to ride…I’ve had Christmas carols all up in my brain today. Michael & I went out window shopping today for Christmas decorations.  I’ve only purchased a few new things this year…so far! We did, however, come to the conclusion today that we will continue our tradition of having a REAL Christmas tree this year. We had contemplated an artificial one because…OMG the thought of needles everywhere again was driving us crazy but…HELLO wooden floors! So much easier to keep needle free than carpet, right???

I’ll have you know I stayed out of Hobby Lobby and At Home today…but it’s only Friday so….just saying.  We came upon a Big Lots today. I’ve forgotten how many random things you can find in that store. Then we visited the ol’ Home Depot and Lowes. Both stores actually had some great stuff for Christmas…mostly they just solidified my need for a real tree.

It was an all-around GREAT day! The weather…brisk & chilly…perfect for holiday window shopping.

I am so grateful for TODAY!

I am so grateful for quality time!

I am so grateful for puffy coats!

I am so grateful for Starbucks Holiday drinks!

I am so grateful for CHAPSTICK!


Seriously y’all chapstick is life! PEPPERMINT Chapstick!!  I panic if I can’t find it quick enough in my purse. I freak out when I get low. Like my stash is dwinding!! I need to get some more!!! What if they stop making peppermint??? Breathe…..


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