Grateful & Graceful Day Nine

Whoopsie! Again! I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing y’all! I promise! Here’s yesterday’s post!

Today is my birthday.  My 50th birthday.  Birthdays have never been a big deal for me but this year I was really excited for it to come.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe because 50 is kind of…well sort of…a milestone.  Or maybe it’s because I set some goals for myself a few months ago.  Nine goals to be exact…a mini bucket list.

Project Big 50 was a challenge I set for myself to complete 9 things in 90 days leading up to today.  Well I fell a little short.  Normally I would say, “Big fat fail!” but not today!

Here’s what I managed…not too bad if I say so myself!!

  • Get another tattoo check
  • Complete our home gym check
  • Start a journal or personal blog  checkcheck(my FAVORITE!)
  • Perfect a push up check
  • Reach my goal weight X_mark (I’m 3lbs away!)
  • Hiking in the Smoky Mountains X_mark (the weather & hubby’s schedule sabotaged me!)
  • Room service at a luxury hotel (Replaced w/ Fly 1st class because of hurricanes!)check
  • Create my vision board with my year 50 bucket list checkcheck
  • Re-launch my business X_mark  (I’m just not where I need to be to have a successful re-launch)

So, although today was pretty dang uneventful (just like I like it!)….my life is not! I am so very grateful for MY life!  I am surrounded…some from a distance…by my biggest supporters; I am LOVED…some from a distance…more than I probably deserve.  I am healthy…and getting healthier by the day.  And I am blessed…VERY, VERY, VERY…BLESSED with the most AMAZING family and friends who took time out of their beautifully busy lives to wish me the HAPPIEST of birthdays!!

Oh and for those of you wondering if I plan on celebrating this BIG milestone…you betcha! My hubby’s birthday is next week so we have plans in Nashville!



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