Grateful & Graceful Day Five

Twenty-five years ago today I was BLESSED with the most BEAUTIFUL baby boy I had ever laid my eyes on and twenty-five years later I am so VERY GRATEFUL for every moment I’ve been given with him. He is the one who fulfilled my dream and purpose of becoming a mother. He exceeds my expectations in so many areas of life. He is intelligent, tender hearted, and generous. He has given me the two most treasured gifts I could ever receive, my precious grand babies. And OH MY GRACIOUS he is a wonderful daddy!


At the same time I am so VERY GRACEFUL for every hardship, setback, and disagreement we have experienced along the way. Those challenges have molded our relationship into one with unending growth…on both ends. I will always appreciate them…notice I didn’t say always agree…but can appreciate.


I will NEVER. EVER. EVER be able to put into words my LOVE for you Joshua.  Happy Birthday and Thank you for everything you bring to my life!



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