A Month of “Thanks”giving…

November is the month of Thanksgiving. This favorite national holiday is a day spent with family, friends and loved ones giving thanks, appreciation and sharing . But y’all, the attitude of gratitude should be practiced all year round.

Gratitude can bring BIG changes to your life in a very positive way. It is simple, yet profound. But it is so easy to get lost in the things that are not going our way or the things you don’t have rather than look for the good in everything going on around us and the things that we already have.

An attitude of gratitude is when you truly are GRATEFUL & GRACEFUL for EVERYTHING in your life. YES, even the bad. So how do you practice an attitude of gratitude on those seemingly uneventful days?

By making life a CELEBRATION every day of course! Just a few minutes a day…easy peasy. We spend so much precious time complaining about what we want to change, that we completely overlook the small details of our day-to-day lives that make life worth living…and CELEBRATING!

Gratitude is such a beautiful thing. And not just being grateful for the good stuff. Yes, of course, be thankful for those things but also be graceful for the things that don’t seem to be going in the right direction.  Thanking God for the smallest gifts he gives us every. single. day. He never fails us. The more you dive into GRATITUDE you will see the blessings come.

Each day for the next 30 days I am going to share something I am grateful or graceful for here on my blog.

I would love for you to share your daily gratitude in the comments below and enjoy this month of GRATITUDE!


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