It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Admit it y’all…that magnificent & joyful carol is stuck in your head now isn’t it?!  You’re welcome!!

I swear y’all, it’s October…before Halloween…and one of the radio stations has started playing Christmas music! It seems like the season is starting earlier and earlier each year and I LOVE IT! When does your holiday season begin?  My mind goes into full-blown HOLIDAY mode September 1st!  It truly is the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year. From the time autumn hits the shelves through the end of the year…I am in HEAVEN!

Traditions, memories, celebrations and all of those special moments with my family inspire me to make the most of the season…the MOST!

I’m quite obsessive right down to our holiday seasonal home fragrances.  Okay maybe obsessive is a little harsh, more like enthusiastic, passionate, energetic…neurotic, fanatical…I digress…

From the beginning of September until Halloween it’s all about PUMPKIN SPICE! I’m not just talking Starbucks either y’all…well mostly but not all! Honestly I really don’t care for the scent of pumpkin but coupled with warm fall spices…PERFECTION.

I haven’t found a “pumpkin spice” scented candle that tickles my fancy but I adore the seasonal candles at Hobby Lobby.  By combining their Harvest Pumpkin scented candles with the Harvest Spice scented candles, it gives the quintessential fall fragrance.  The smells of sweet pumpkin with notes of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Yummy!


For the month of November…CINNAMON fills my home! Cinnamon is probably my favorite fragrance of all!  Again, Hobby Lobby’s seasonal candles never disappoint.  The Autumn collection by Harvest home has beautiful scents available every year.  I love to pair Cinnamon Spice with Spiced Cider (DD Brand.) The underlying apple aroma really gives the house a homey feel.  It’s like Thanksgiving pies baking all month long.


CANDY CANES for Christmas! Okay maybe peppermint is my favorite fragrance…yes definitely peppermint. Hobby Lobby always has a great Christmas candle selection. I love the Peppermint Dream scented candle by DD. It has a soft buttery sweet peppermint aroma. Oh it’s just so lovely.


There is nothing more inviting than a beautifully aromatic home.  And…I’ve always lived by the theory if the house smells good, it must be clean!


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