Whipped Cream and Caviar Dreams – It’s not what you think!

Okay first of all get your mind out of the gutter y’all! LOL!

Whipped Cream and Caviar Dreams combines just about everything I could ever think to share at this point including my enthusiasm…borderline obsession with 1970’s game shows.  I guess they remind me of my childhood and a time of being footloose and fancy free, foil- tray dinners on TV trays with my family, and playing outdoors until the street lights came on.

That was a lifetime ago but I’m getting off track…which I do all the time.  Just so you know…I love to reminisce and tell stories to anyone who will listen.  Most of the time it’s my children but I’m not really sure how much they’re really listening or if they’re just smiling and nodding….Hmmmm….

My ramblings will include but certainly not limited to BAKING and COOKING, fitness, family, and adventure…LOTS of adventure! Here’s the deal. Sometimes I create recipes that are healthy…sometimes I choose to use heaps of butter. I mean whatever, right?  I do still love fitness. But I try to live a life of balance.

Really I do….

I hope you enjoy!



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